Some of your most frequently asked questions about W4handyman services

How much does your service cost?
Standard half-hourly charge £20 (9.00am-6.00pm weekdays)

Evening half-hourly charge £25 (6pm-8pm weekdays)
Weekend half-hourly charge £30 (8am-6pm weekdays)
There is a minimum 1 hour charge, then you will be charged by the half hour.
Any parking fees and/or Congestion charge will be added to the price of the job on completion.

Does that include materials?
No it does not include materials or the hire of specialist tools.

What about payment?
Cash, cheque or a direct bank transfer.

Do you do commercial and office work?
Yes and there is no need to set up an account.

Do you do free estimates?
Yes, over a days duration.

Are you insured?

What are you hours of work?
Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.
Weakends and evenings carry a premium.